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If you want to improve your English very quickly then the best way to achieve this is by enrolling on a homestay courses in your teacher’s home, or a Live and Learn with your Tutor Course which we run around the UK. We call this Homestay Tuition. And a homestay courses in your teacher’s home fastest way to improve your English. Our Homestay English in the UK is best English Langauge training out there.

All of our Tutors or teachers are trained to a high standard. Some of them will have worked in the state system and gained good PGCE qualifications. Others have had an interesting and varied life in Commerce and now having taken early retirement are teaching professional and Business English. Finally, some of our tutors or teachers are much younger and still have children at home. These are ideal Teachers for our “ Young Learners” as they offer fun and interactive lessons at home and then you can spend the rest of the time involved with their own children. This makes for a safe and fun learning environment and you will improve your English before you know it !

Additionally, you can expect your teacher to take you out on excursions during the week. These can be fun or educational but always enjoyable. We usually ask the Teacher to discuss what you want to see and if it can be done, they usually do it. Adults will obviously visit more cultural places and the young learners, more fun ones.

Lessons are based on what you need to improve and if you haven’t been in touch before you arrive, then your Tutor will soon work out what is needed to be done and base the lessons around that.  Anything you aren’t sure about, you know that it will be repeated until you understand it completely.  It really is a Cultural Immersion.

Lots of lessons are great but the other way of learning is by lots of conversation. You will find that during your meals you will chat with your teacher and their family ( if applicable). This is another way of continuing the lessons but in an informal way without you feel pressurised. Sometimes you find that an easy conversation over Breakfast will answer your question a lot more easily than around the teaching table.

Jackie Verrall MD of English Language Homestays
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Jackie Verrall,MD of English Language Homestays

If you want to spend an afternoon cooking with your teacher then you will be surprised how much you can learn that way. You discuss the recipes; go to the Supermarket and purchase the food and then you have to read the instructions. Best of all is that you can prepare a tasty meal for your family to eat with you. A wonderful way to make new friends and form lasting relationships.

Do you know that many of your Tutors and Teachers tell us that they are still in touch with many of their students long after they have gone home. Our teachers never mind sending an occasional email if you have a worry or concern and many of them will keep in touch and even visit you in your own country, should that be staying there.

We have English Teachers and Tutors throughout the World.  Some of the places where you can go for a homestay courses in your teacher’s home and learn English are listed below.

  • United Kingdom
  • South Africa
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Corfu
  • Malta
  • Canada

It truly is a great way to improve fluency with intensive private lessons in the tutors home any time throughout the year.


Learn more about our Live and Learn English Programmes in the UK.

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