High School Immersion Programmes in South Africa

High School Immersion Programmes in South Africa

If you are really serious about learning English and feel the best way is to immerse yourself in an English speaking school, then why not consider our High School Immersion Programmes in South Africa, or more particularly Cape Town?   Our High Schools throughout Cape Town are all very structured with high academic teaching methods.

Immerse yourself in South Africa

Immersion Programmes are ideal for students who want to study between the ages of 16 to 18 years; maybe taking time out from your Baccalaureate or even just at the start of your Gap Year as we are able to welcome students up to 18 years on these programmes.

The most popular age range will be 15 to 17 years but for sure we have had students as young as 13 years in the programme and right up to 19 years.  Students love the flexibility of the Programme and can come from as little as 1 month to as much as one academic year.   You can be sure that all High School students really get an enriching programme regardless of the school they choose.

Cape Town is the spiritual home of Nelson Mandela and you will see his influence right across The Cape.  Not only can you visit Robben Island but you can see his other work and legacy throughout Cape Town.  Cape Town being a city vibrant in history and culture, not only of South Africans, but Africans; Malaysians; Indians; Europeans and so much more.

Local Communities live side by side.  You can go to Company Garden on a Sunday and take part in the many wonderful events there.  Street Food is freshly cooked for you and you can listen to all of the musicians playing there.

We really enjoy the many free Cape Town walks on offer.  They are available every Sunday for an hour or so and this is a great way to make friends and get to know the city.   Its just another box to tick in your travel experiences of South Africa.

Living with a fantastic Host family

Your host family is very well known to us and will either have children already at your chosen school or will take you to school each day.  You will be living in a good residential area close to other people at your school.   When the academic part of school is finished, you will have the choice to attend After School Clubs.  These can be sports driven; Debating Society; Drama or just about anything you choose because After School Clubs are very popular in all schools right across South Africa.

Often in the school holidays you can attend a camp right into the heart of Africa and Canoe up the Orange river.  Some kids like to go camping with their host family and there are some wonderful places to visit such as the Drakensberg Mountains or up the Garden Route.  The outdoor life is very popular in Cape Town and most people will Brai or BBQ at least once or twice a week.

Did you know that South Africa has eleven official languages – and quite a few more unofficial ones.  The most popular are English and Afrikaans and then Xhosa and Zulu.  So here is the list.: Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Sotho, SiSwati, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosaand Zulu. Fewer than two percent of South Africans speak a first language other than an official one. Most South Africans can speak more than two languages.  Afrikaans and English is mandatory in all schools but some will speak Zulu or Xhosa in their home, so can you imagine a country where a lot of people will speak 4 languages each day.  How amazing is that?

High School in South Africa

When you have finished your High School Experience Programme, if you wish you can continue through to our volunteering and community programme.  This can be undertaken in many areas that we work closely with.  Some people have an affinity with animals and want to help out at the Animal Shelters or the Penguin Sanctuary.  Others like to help youngsters and can attend the Junior Schools and teach Soccer or even English.   Community Projects are very important and very popular in South Africa so there will always been something for you to help with, if you wish.

Lastly, but just as importantly, we have a dedicated Local Co Ordinator or Manager to look after and welcome you.  They will be available during your entire stay to ensure you are happy and settled and have no worries at all.  Often they are organising weekend events for you to attend with them. Sometimes it will be a walking tour of cape Town; other times they go swimming in the sea.  Sometimes Zip Line experience or a hike into the mountains.  Be sure that they will keep in touch with you and make sure that you are not homesick or worried about anything.  The first day they will take you to school and introduce you to the staff and the Buddy who will look after you.  After that you can be sure they will keep in touch to ensure that your South African High School Experience will be memorable and rewarding.

These options can be part of your Summer School programme if you are from Northern Europe or maybe for a whole academic year where ever you live.  Whatever course you choose, be sure you don’t leave it too long to book a High School Immersion Programme in South Africa.

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