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Hello world! Learn English in England with English Language Homestays. Experience English culture and the English way of life with one of our many Homestay accommodation learning options. One to one, Summer School, Short stays, school immersions; we have fast learning programmes with something for everyone with our professional private teachers offering homestay tuition. We probably are the best at teaching English at home

English Language Homestays, Brighton, offers students, aged from 12 to 17, a choice of exciting excursions and fun activities in some of the UK’s most popular and safest locations, plus the opportunity to learn or improve their English speaking, reading and writing skills.

English Language Homestays has been running successful and popular English language courses, International Language Homestays, short stays and summer school programmes for over 25 years. English language tuition in Language Homestay is the mainstay service of English Language Homestays, Brighton.

Summer Schools

We have a Brighton international summer school that always provide the best summer school experience for international students. Please contact us to learn more, or check out our summer school page! learn English best summer school in the UK with effortless English learning methods, we include in the summer school. Summer homestay programs for high school students

With English language centres and friendly host families and tutors across the UK and South Africa, we can offer every student, on a short or long stay, an exciting, fun and enlightening experience

We have many Langauge Homestay courses available for you, Summer school for students aged 12-17, Homestay Tuition with a Homestay Tutor for students of all ages, Shot stay European School groups for students on a short visit to the UK in school groups, TEFL Traning in Brighton for people who wishing to become a an English Teacher in England or across the world, High school Integration for students wishing to come to the UK or South Africa, Live and Learn in a English school for few months to over a full year. Finally, we have 1:1 personalised intuition courses for students of any ages, if you require a customised fully personal English courses according to your needs, we can help.

Our Homestay English in the UK is the most popular Language Homestay course we offer, If you are interested in fully English Immersion course we can accommodate that aswell. Learn English in a homestay is our adult English language website

Our English homestay and Fast track English course are conducted in Brighton and locations around the world. Private English lessons for adults is something we do in our learn English in a Homestay website does.In homestay English we are teaching English to French students and generally we do teaching English to French speakers. English language homestays our mother company offers English language homestays in Brighton and rest of the UK. Our English teacher at home can provide home tuition English and English home tuition. In our Adult Learn English website, wehave English teacher for adults who does private English tutor for adults. And our home English teacher who you live in teacher’s home . If you are  English tutor for adults and require a job oppentunity you can also contact here. If you are young Japanese student are like to be in our International Summer School, contact us today.

Teaching English as a foreign language(TEFL)

English Language Homestays offers one of the best Teaching English as a foreign language(TEFL) courses for anyone who aspiring to become a teacher. Especially if you want travel and teach English overseas. With a tesol certification, celta certification, or TEFL Certification you have the opportunity teaching english to speakers of other languages. Having our TEFL course you will be teaching english overseas without degree straightaway.

We offer UNLIMITED Classroom teaching and Monitoring until you feel confident enough to teach on your own. We also have TEFL online resources for you to work on. We are without doubt one of the best accredited tefl courses uk.

Please take a look at our TEFL course page for more information.

Our Private English lessons for adults website

Learn English in a homestay offers, English Homestay in UK, and rest of the world. We offer Fast track English course in Intensive English crash course, primality it’s Private English lessons for adults in Homestay English environment.

For effortless English speaking skills, Please contact us today!

Free English Lessons.

If you like to learn, what is grammar, and how to use it correctly….we can can help, please take a look at our grammar blogs.

Sejour in English

 living and learning english and sejour in english courses are available on request. jev langues, devenir famille d accueil séjour linguistique

English to Japan

We offer japanese exchange program uk and english lessons for japanese students in fast track English course

Brighton Football Academy with English

English Language Homestays offer Football training with English for the special word cup this year. If you like to learn more, contact us today or visit or dedicated Football Academy page. All of our students will be immersed in an English environment with similar thinking young people. You will gain confidence as well as learn and obtain new skills both on and off the pitch. By visiting the League Club Stadiums of Arsenal; Chelsea and Brighton and Hove, you will obtain an insight into the world of professional football and see what it takes to be a professional player for a premier League Team.

Teach English to Japanese

English Language Homestays is a specialist in teaching English to Native Japanese speakers , follow us on our how to teach english to japanese, blogs for more information. If you also like to know more abut how to teach japanese students english, english lessons for japanese students follow us on our blogs

English for young japanese students

If you are a young japanese student and like to improve English fast, then look no further, we offer several Fast Track English courses for you


Summer School for Teenagers and summer programs uk

English Language Homestay offer summer schools for teenagers in Homestay English UK coures

English Academy Summer School

If you are looking for an international study abroad and an english academy for summer school or english language school, then look no further. Our International Language Homestays offers students school abroad and student exchange programs for people of all ages.

English Tuition courses.

English Language Homestays offers English Tuition courses for people of all ages.

We offer stay in brighton for all our homestay courses

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