Fun Boosts to English learning in a UK summer school

Fun tips to Fast Track your English learning while on a summer school in the UK

Attending a Summer course in England is a great way to improve your English language skills and have some great experiences in a fun and truly beneficial way.

You will be able to immerse yourself in the native culture of English speakers and surround yourself with the language.

When you are learning English in a new environment, it creates a fresh approach and helps you to learn better.

An immersive summer school is not just about learning English in the classroom. It is also about learning English in the real world.

So during your stay in this new place, you need to make the most out of your time to maximise your learning and your enjoyment.

Our English Learning Summer School in the UK

Our Summer School in the UK is very popular with international students, and we run courses for two age ranges, for young learners aged 10-12 and for high school students aged 13-17.

The students are assessed and divided into small groups, so the lessons will fit their ability and level of English and they will get the best attention.

Students will have full board accommodation with host families, which will be as close to the school as possible, especially for the juniors.

There will be four hours of classroom lessons a day for four days of the week, where they will engage in speaking and listening in English, in an interactive and fun way, focusing on conversation and pronunciation.

Students will also take part in afternoon social activities with two full-day outings, all suited to their age range and supervised by trained Activity leaders. So they get to have fun exploring the culture and sights; and enjoy the school summer holidays while they learn.

The school has all the benefits of a boarding school or general summer school classes. But our courses are designed to give a rewarding and fun learning experience that will enhance the student’s confidence and improve their English with daily interactions. The best way to learn is when the experience is fun, so you will enjoy it and remember.

So here are some tips to maximize your learning and enjoyment.

Enjoy English summer school in the UK

How to enjoy and make the most of  your English learning

Before you arrive

Think about the reason you are attending one of our English summer courses; why would you like to improve your English or what it can do for you?

  • Do you want to challenge yourself or is it because you know that learning another language like English is good for you.
  • Are you thinking about your future, like improving your chances of admission to good schools or how English will help you in the job you would like to have when you finish your studies.
  • Would you like to travel, or learn about other English speaking countries and cultures, and know that having a good level of English will help you with this.
  • Perhaps you have a relative or friend who only speaks English and you would like to speak English well with them.
  • Or maybe you just want to meet new people or expand your knowledge and abilities.

Whatever the reason, keep it in mind to motivate you so will get the most out of your lessons and your time on the course.

While you are here


You will be staying with students of a different nationality to encourage you to communicate in English. If you have travelled from your home country with a group, try to spend time during your outings with other students and new friends that do not speak your native language, so you can keep practicing your English.


Listen well, to friends, to your teacher and activity leaders, and to local people when you go out. This is your chance to hear the language spoken by native speakers in natural conversation.


Talk to the local English people too. If you have a chance, speak with some children your own age. Practice what you know and what you have learned.


Ask questions in class. The English teachers are here to help you and make sure you get the best experience.


Keep a small notebook with you when you are out and about, so you can write down new phrases that you hear or see which you would like to remember; maybe something that you might not get to learn in the classroom.


Read as many signs, billboards and advertisements as you can. See how much you understand and how similar or different they are from your home country. Ask for help if you want to understand. There might be some fun phrases you can learn.


Whenever you get a chance to speak in English, do it. Do not be shy, this is your chance to really practice. It is okay if it is not perfect, just speak.


Try to use and practice what you learn every day in the classroom, use it out in the real world. Practice with your friends or other people. Tell your host family what you learned that day.


Watch English TV with your host family. Listen to English music. Try singing along to songs you know. This is one of the most fun practices when learning English.

Fun with Summer School in England

After you return home

  • Keep in touch with new friends from your summer school and continue communicating in English.
  • Continue to watch TV and movies and listen to music in English.
  • When you go back to school, surprise your teacher and classmates with your new skills and the new phrases you have learned. Feel proud of yourself.
  • Show and teach your family what you have learned. This will help it to stay in your mind and impress them with your new confidence and skills with the language.

Fun with Summer School in England

Our English summer programs in the UK are more than a classroom based English language course. It is not only about learning. It’s also about having fun. Summer school is a great time to make new friends, create some amazing memories and experience a whole new culture.

Our summer courses are designed to make your stay fun and unforgettable and make sure that you get the most from your experience abroad.

When you have fun while you learn, it makes it easier and you will associate learning the language with good feelings and happy memories.

Please take a look out summer school page for programmes and activities.

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