Exchange programmes for High School students around the World

Photos: Willingdon Community School

If you are considering a High School Exchange Programme and want to improve your English as well as gain confidence and become independent, then contact us for further information.  If you have decided to attend a High School Exchange Programme on one of our Study Abroad Programmes then you are going to improve your English and learn more about the great countries you have chosen to visit.

You will be attending High School with other International students from countries such as Germany; France; Italy; Spain; Netherlands; Angola; Zimbabwe; Japan.  The list is endless…     All of these students are focused and want to be able to speak effortless English and have chosen a High School programme to enable them to do this.

You will stay in well appointed and inspected High Schools in good residential areas with a host family known and visited by us.  There will be plenty of High School study as well as the opportunity to take part in Sports and other after school activities such as Debating; Amateur Dramatics and Volunteering.  The choice is endless…

You can choose your length of High School Programme. Some students are nervous and choose a short duration such as one term.  Others are more adventurous and choose long term placements such as one academic year.  Both short and long term placements are available at all of our high Schools throughout the world.

You can choose from local State Schools to Public Boarding Schools but the majority of students opt for a good level state school.  Here you will make friends from all social levels and it is usual that your host family will have children already attending the High School.

Photos: Willingdon Community School
Jackie Verrall MD of English Language Homestays
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Jackie Verrall,MD of English Language Homestays

High School in South Africa

South Africa and more particularly, Cape Town, has become known as the Rainbow Nation. Not only because of its own residents but because of the many different cultures that visit here. It is one of the upcoming African states so make sure you visit it and experience the changes.  It has been regarded as the birthplace of mankind and who is to argue with that.  Apartheid is a thing of the past and the country is transforming socially and economically.  The schools are modern and have great sporting halls.  Sport is at the very heart of this nation and if you enjoy participating then a High School Exchange Programme in south Africa will definitely be for you.

South Africa schools follow their own syllabus but it is linked to European and American syllabus.  So their education system is very much in line to yours.  As an exchange student you will find many new friends, not only South Africans, but other students from Europe and Asia.  You will make friends for life.

We also run a Youth for Understanding Programme which helps you make friends with local students as well as improve your English.  English is of course one of the main reasons you are coming to South Africa and we ensure that you get plenty of practise.

This study Abroad will help you see the world in a new light.  Our High School Programmes will enable you to have the opportunity to experience the world as your classroom. As your confidence grows and you learn to speak English effortless, you learn to say more than ‘hello’ in a foreign language. You will be making new friends in the Canteen; going on Sporting trips and finding out about your wonderful new country through your host family.

It’s a sound way to boost your confidence whilst you learn English and attend a High School Exchange Programme.  You will be independent; confident and live with new and exciting cultures.

Exchange programmes are becoming very popular throughout the world.  Don’t think you will be the only one from your country here.  Many of the High Schools students are “old hands”.  Once they went to England or New Zealand but now they want to go to South Africa or Canada.  They have looked for English offers and seen new countries appearing.

Our Host families really enjoy welcoming our students and will treat you as part of the family.  We have met and inspected their homes and asked them to look after you as another member of their family.  At weekends, they will be taking you out on about to see the local area.   They wil be supportive and helpful and make sure that your first few weeks in your new country will be as easy and pleasant as possible.   They will be in contact with you before you leave your own country and you will have many conversations via email or skype before you come.  Be sure they will be the ones meeting you at the airport.  So you will be welcomed and safe from Day One!

Programme fees will vary dependant on the school you choose; the length of your stay and the country you choose .  We will offer you full information for each school to enable you to make a decision for your Gap Year in a High School programme.  So get enrolled on one of our Academic Year High School Programmes and learn to speak effortless English in a very short time

Please take a look at our High School Programmes in the United Kingdom for more information.

If you like learn more about our Learn English in a Homestay courses, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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