Why I love being an ESL teacher in Brighton

When I was at school French lessons consisted of pages and pages of verb conjugations and no role play or realia and all I can remember from lessons is how awfully boring and difficult it was. Being an ESL teacher in Brighton taught me about teaching in Homestay English, Intuition languages and teaching English to French Students.

Later on, in my life I lived in and worked in Italy I needed to make myself understood and I found out the hard way how to learn a foreign language even with total immersion. During my first years living there most of my language learning was achieved by imitating what people said and armed with a dictionary and a phrase book I tried my best to understand what on earth was going on!

As a qualified ESL teacher teaching English here in Brighton the most satisfying thing I find is when I  see great improvement, not only in the language skills of the student but also in their new found confidence when speaking in English and methodology has changed a lot over the years.

Lyndsy Staff for English Language Homestays
Written by :
Lindsay Midali, Homestay Manager

Students that come to the UK have on the whole a more traditional way of learning in their school English lessons which involve lots of grammar and written work. The first few days can be daunting for the student especially if it’s their first time in the UK but gradually the student learns to listen out for keywords and by the end of their stay their language level improves notably.

We try to give these international students lot more fully immersive experience than regular 1:1 language school teachers. Together with our homestay English lessons and our host families we offer an excellent English Homestay tuition for all our students. Our Fast Track English Lessons for Adults also uses the same methodology.

The bonds they make with the host family can really help to especially if the family have similar aged children. Even after many years’ experience teaching English I do still love teaching and finding different ways to work with my students to make learning in Brighton fun. Being an ESL teacher in Brighton is one of the most rewarding career you can have.

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