English Vocabulary for Fashion – Speaking in English

English Vocabulary for Fashion - English for fashion

If you dream of runways and fashion houses, even quaint boutiques and upmarket brands – then you’ve most likely been bit by the fashion bug. However, aspiring to join – or even having a love for – the fashion industry requires two things: creativity and an ability to speak English fluently, or maybe not speaking it fluently, but certainly an ability to understand an English conversation with other English speakers.

The world of fashion is filled with people from all walks of life, many of whom didn’t start off speaking English – several fashion icons are after all from non-English speaking countries. But when they congregate at fashion shows and network they all speak a common language – English.

As a youngster unsure about what the future holds perhaps you’re wondering why this may matter? Well, wherever your career path takes you, whether that’s becoming a social media influencer, an image consultant or a fashion mogul, the only way you’ll have the opportunity to realise your dream is if you improve your English.

How To Improve Your English If You Dream of a Career in Fashion

How To Improve Your English If You Dream of a Career in Fashion

Learn Common Fashion Phrases: There are common fashion phrases you’ll hear rather frequently if you’re interested in fashion. Phrases like “dress for the occasion”, “eye for fashion” and so on. These phrases you ought to learn so you’re not confused.

Join Forums and Read Blogs: Fashion forums and blogs will be the best opportunity for you to start practicing speaking, or in the very least writing, English. Many of these blogs will be written in English and will include some of the phrases listed above. There will be more though which you can learn, research and gain an understanding of. You could also read English fashion magazines such as Vogue which will be edited by people who have most likely studied English.

Make a Commitment to Your Future: If you’re really serious about fashion and joining the industry then you need to start making steps to learning the language in a formal setting. Travelling while doing this would be perfect, because then you’d have access to another countries clothing and fashion. All of which can become inspirational and influence your thinking in a way you wouldn’t have done before. Where do you go for the opportunity to travel and learn to speak English? You sign up for an English homestay programme.

Speak English Consistently: You know that the only way you’ll hone your skills in English is if you speak it frequently. Conversational practice is the best way to learn a language, and what better way to learn English than through English conversation? You’ll feel more comfortable in your abilities and speak far more confidently if you speak more. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Some Common Fashion Phrases For You To Learn

Eye for Fashion: If you have an “eye for fashion” it simply means you’re naturally fashionable.

Items of Clothing: An “item” of clothing refers to one clothing piece, for example a jacket or full skirt.

Dress for the Occasion: It’s really rather simple, this phrase simply means your dress code and what you’re wearing should be appropriate for the event you’re attending.

Dressed to the Nines: Someone who’s “dressed to the nines” is dressed perfectly, possibly more than anyone else.

Trendy: Something that is currently popular. If you’re wearing a popular piece of clothing someone might exclaim “wow that jacket is so trendy!”

Timeless: This has less to do with time and maybe more to do with quality and means that a piece of clothing, style or design will never fade, but will last through the fashion trends.

Sense of Style: Nothing to do with your five senses or your common sense but rather it has to do with the particular way you like to dress.

Dressed to Kill: If you hear this phrase, you won’t be seeing any military personnel and that you can be certain of. Instead dressing to kill means you’re “dressed to impress” which ironically is another fashion phrase.

The fashion industry is full of different job opportunities and career paths, many of them deviate from being the simple fashion designers, or working at major fashion brands. If you think of yourself as being highly fashionable, and you’re in the least bit interested in taking on a creative path why not try learning English? A homestay can be a great way to access the best English tutors and learn to your heart’s desire when you attend English lessons. Not only that but you’ll be exposed to true English fashion and take on so many new influences when you join us in England.

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