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Did you know that approximately half a million students travel to the UK each year to learn English in the UK.   This can take many forms such as English Summer School; Homestay Tuition or even High School Exchange Programmes. (if you like to learn about our Japanese Exchange programme, please take a look) So if you are trying to find an English Summer Course for 2018 then read on!

England is the home of learning the English language and we have a hard earned  reputation for academic excellence.  Add to this our rich cultural heritage, stunning countryside; fascinating Cities and racial tolerance and you will find England is the perfect destination to learn English, one way or another.

Our English Summer Camp in Brighton is for ages from 14 to 17 years. You will be taught General English as well as take part in fun afternoon activities with other International Students.  Our programmes are not liked to residential homes but you will live with experienced and inspected host families who are known to us and who we work with throughout the year.  By the time you leave, you will certainly be a confident English speaker.

Our English Courses in our Brighton Summer School are great Junior Courses for teenagers of all ages.  Our teachers are using the best methods for effortless teaching methodology which will help you to learn English and become fluent in English in the shortest possible time.  It doesn’t matter how many years experience you have, we will get you there.

English speaking skills are not a mystery if you have innovative and interesting English language teachers.  And we do! Conversation skills are just one of the things you will learn in your English lessons.  Another is how to become fluent in English.   In fact our Summer School in Brighton or our Hastings English Language Centre will soon have you speaking effortless English just like the Queen.

Your teachers will all be native English speakers without any defined accent, so it will be easy to understand them on your Language Homestay.  They like to improve everyone English skills in different ways and this year we are choosing inspirational characters to make it more of a fun and interesting way to Learn English in England.  They are certainly dynamic and enthusiastic and, as you would expect, hold recognized teaching qualifications.  Some of them have taught right across the world and speak several languages. They certainly know the best way to prepare for an English Exam, and pass it, of course.

You will be taught everyday English that is spoken in real-life, focussing on the use of the four key skills which are, of course





All text books used are modern and up to date along with OHP and other mediums for making learning English in the UK fun and most of all rewarding.

If you would like to see a copy of our Summer School Programme 2018 for our International English Language Course then do get in touch.  We will send one over to you and you can then see how great our English Learning programme is.  It will have 16 hours of formal English lessons a week; fun and exciting afternoon social programme and of course an International Student Disco.  On Wednesday and Saturday you will go to such exciting places as London; Brighton; Hastings; Portsmouth.  Oh and don’t forget visiting the Isle of Wight once a month by super fast ferry

So don’t delay – contact us and find out more about our English Summer Schools in the UK.

Please take a look at our International Summer school for more further information. If you are interested in a 1:1 personalised General English courses in a homestay, please take a look our homestay English website for more information.

Please take a look out summer school page for programmes and activities.

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