English Summer School Courses in the UK – 2022

Now that everyone feels happier travelling again, its important to think about improving your English in England.   English Summer Courses, or English Summer Camps take many different formats and we have compiled a short list to help guide you through


Usually on these Summer Programmes you have a choice of living with a Host Family or residential on Campus style accommodation.  Whilst living on the campus may seem a good option as you are already on site, it means that you will get less chance to explore the area; try your hand at local transport or, more importantly, lose the chance to live and chat to a traditional English host family.  Staying with a Host family is by far the most popular choice as well as helping you find out more about the English culture and improve your English in an informal way.  So, if you can, always choose to live with a Host Family.  You won’t regret it!

Choice of English Learning Programmes during Summer Holidays

English with Football Academy

As the name suggests you will be learning English, usually in the morning and then in the afternoons you have football practise.  This course is usually open to students from 11 years of age.  You get to experience football training, in English, on excellent pitches with qualified English Coaches.  Usually this compiles 4 afternoons of training and another afternoon playing a football match against a local Club.   Your full day excursions usually entail visiting Stadiums such as Arsenal or Chelsea to find out how top Clubs operate as well as encourage your dreams to maybe one day play there. 

English in Small Groups

This is an ideal English Course for students who want to learn seriously but with the help of others.  Usually, these classes are a maximum of four students of the same level as you.  You would have lessons in the mornings, usually four hours and then after lunch go out with your small group to places of interest or sporting afternoons.  This means that you are with your own group all day.  You can form strong friendship circles and assist each other with English practises.  If you choose a Language Course based in Brighton then you get the added bonus in being in one of the hippest cities, as well as one of the happiest cities.  And right beside the sea as well.  It’s a win, win situation.

International Summer School

This form of learning English is one of the more established and traditional methods.  A class of students, usually fifteen maximum, who all come from different countries. Hence the name “ International Summer School “  So you could be sitting next to someone from Korea; Japan; Germany; Brazil or Panama.  These students can arrive at any time during the summer course, and it means that you will always be meeting new people.  It’s a fun way to make new friends as well as practise your English conversation with them.   Although the classes are larger, they tend to be fun with lots of games and conversation helping you gain confidence to speak English in a more natural way.   The afternoons are usually spent doing sports; having fun; visiting the cinema and of course there is always the weekly Disco to dress up and dance at.  On these courses the first choice is usually staying with a Host Family but some of the larger Campuses do offer residential, should you prefer.

English with Sports

This is an alternative to International Summer School or Football Academy.  You have the usual English lessons in the morning, but the afternoons will be spent solely on Sports.  Usually, a different sport each afternoon such as swimming; volleyball; sailing.  Maybe rock climbing or try your hand at the very British game of Cricket    The full day excursions are usually focused around Sport, as you would imagine such as a visit to Wimbledon or Twickenham or maybe a walk over the o2 Building if you want to try your hand at climbing 😊  All in all it’s a great programme for Adrenaline Junkies and Sports Fiends 

English Camp for Juniors

Younger students never need to feel left out as this Courses will be planned especially for their age range in mind.  Open to 10 to 13 year students, you can be sure that these courses are fun fun and more fun.  The morning lessons will encourage all students to practise their conversational English as well as learning new words every day.   Afternoons are spent cycling; T shirt painting; swimming or cooking.  Whatever afternoon activity is on offer it will be a runaway success with the Young Learners.  Day trips are spent in London around the Science Museum or a Boat Trip on the Thames.  All in all, a super programme to remember.

Fast Track English for the Summer

As the name suggests this is a fast-moving English Course which usually runs right throughout the day.   It is ideal for probably older or advanced students who wish or need to progress their English in the shortest time.  They won’t be any games or fun sessions but focused learning with the sole aim of improving your English to a noticeable degree by the end of the course.  These courses vary in duration but you should expect to make good progress in a week and definitely more structured progress in two.  You may enjoy a full day excursion on a Saturday but during the week you will be in the class for up to 6 hours a day.

English Courses for Exams

This course is usually run in the summer months for students who are preparing for exams in the Autumn or on their return to School, College or University.  These Exam English Courses will focus on specific Exams such as IELTS or First Certificate and so if you are preparing for these exams then please ensure you enrol on the correct course. 

Finally, whatever English Summer Course you decide to enrol on, make sure you also enjoy your time in England; embrace the local atmosphere and customs and practise your English every single chance you get.

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