English in Small Groups

English in Small Groups 2020

Summer School in Small Groups

English in Small Groups is made specifically for students who want a more intensive programme, including small groups with a mixture of nationalities. This is ideal for students who like a more focused setting to learn.

What English in Small Groups students can expect

  • An enjoyable and educational experience for small groups of 4-6 in a class. 
  • 20 hours of lessons per week including 2 hours of project work in the afternoons and two full day excursions on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Full Day Excursions to places of interest e.g. Chessington, Isle of Weight, , London Greenwich and many more…
  • Fun and interactive English lessons with an experienced and qualified tutor (indoor and outdoor lessons!) With welcoming and friendly tutors, you will feel part of the family from day one!
  • Comfortable student accommodation

Benefits of this programme are, you spend all day with the tutor speaking English and with 20 hours of lessons per week including afternoon activities including project work and two full day excursions, this will help you to improve your English, no problem. If timing is a concern, this is the course of choice, as you will be able to progress quickly. Students gain much from this limited intensive course, which incorporates some fun elements as well. Tutors aim to create tailored programmes that best suit how and what your group is able to learn. Being dedicated learner’s makes the experience even more rewarding as teachers are further encouraged to go the extra mile. Practical elements of the language will be introduced in the form of magazines, newspapers, English local publications, as well as listening to BBC radio. This offers one of the best ways to introduce parts of speech to include idioms, phrasal verbs and paraphrasing.

What you need to know?

  • Well qualified and experienced teachers – all with recognised qualifications
  • Students of B2 Level and above are ideally suited for this tailor made course
  • Afternoon Activities are both fun and educational and linked to the morning’s lessons and projects 
  • Full board accommodation

All Inclusive Course Fees

  • £530 for 1 week
  • £980 for 2 weeks
  • £1430 for 3 weeks
  • All Inclusive of Accommodation, Excursions, Afternoon Activities, Bus Passes and Lessons

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Fun and Informative Lessons

English in Small Groups in Brighton, provides a programme that has a wonderful balance for learning and expressions of fun and adventures. Teachers make it a priority for students to be confident in both speaking, reading and writing in English that will encourage immediate practising. Students working together in teams also creates an environment for building confidence and learning to help each other succeed. The team effort certainly increases how well lessons are understood.

With all the hard work must come some time for enjoying the seaside town of Brighton, and the 4 days filled with excursions will see many new experiences and lasting memories. Students can enjoy sightseeing at the popular Brighton Pier and get lost in the charms of old shops and art forms. There will be many interesting natives that will be eager to share the culture and encourage continued learning. There will be no need to worry about being alone on these adventures as tutors come along to enhance the journey.

Vast amounts of information will be dispersed to students. There will never be a dull moment because lessons will more than grab your attention. If you belong to a small group that needs the best guidance, then English in Small Groups is where you must enrol. You are provided with the best teachers with many years of experience, the most interactive and focused learning, with welcoming natives, in one of the best places in the UK!


Brighton, England and Cape Town, South Africa

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