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An English Immersion Homestay or sometimes called an English Immersion Course or even a Full Immersion English Programme is a great way to improve your English in a short period of time by living with a native English speaker in their own home and being immersed in their way of life, language and culture.  Sometimes you may wish for formal English Lessons, but if you only want conversational English, then an Homestay English Immersion Programme is just for you. Our Language Homestay often includes some form of English Immersion.

The difficulty when beginning to learn a language, is not being able to practise every day.  Lots of speaking and thinking in English is the “ sure fire” way to improve and become fluent.  Especially with a native English speaker who will soon become of your English friends .  So even if you don’t ask for formal lessons, you will get the chance by speaking to your host; visiting places with them, listening to Radio and TV; communicating in shops. For that alone, Homestay English UK is the best for fast result in Learning English.

Our students love the fact that each morning they get up, something new and exciting will happen.  Maybe the Host Tutor will take them to visit a new City and they will explore it together and read about the history of it.  Occasionally, the Tutor will ask you where you would like to go and get you to work on an Itinerary for the day – in English of course.   Some great places to visit around the south coast would be Brighton; Canterbury; Portsmouth or Hastings.   Other students really enjoy cooking and they will discuss a recipe with their Host Tutor and then cook a meal, reading from an English recipe book. We consider ourselves as an Interactive English language school, so we encourage our Language Homestay teachers to immerse students in the English language the moment they arrive.

Jackie Verrall MD of English Language Homestays
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Jackie Verrall,MD of English Language Homestays

For adults who come for an English Immersion Homestay Programme with Culture, then be sure you can discuss some fascinating places to visit; either National Trust or English Heritage before you come.

Many people find reading a book is very satisfying as they learn new words and understand different meanings, as well as read a good story!   The list is endless and this is why it truly is a Full English Immersion Programme.   If you really fancy “ Going English!” then try our Cultural Homestay English Programme with conversational lessons based around English culture; Heritage and British History.  So even if you want to learn English but don’t want to understand the full rules and nuances of grammar of the English Language, then this is the perfect Homestay Immersion Course for you.

In our Homestay English It’s all about Conversation; Conversation and Conversation!

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