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If you are looking for Summer School in England for your children then consider English Language Homestays.  We run an International Summer Camp for students from all over the world up to the age of 18 years during the summer months.

Our English school is based just outside of Brighton right on the south coast.  Our host families are amazing and regularly inspected by us each year.  They are happy to cater for any special dietary requirements, so you don’t have to worry sending your child to have a homestay English programme with us.  Full board accommodation, close to the English summer school.   The host families offer single or twin rooms in a family house close to the school.   You will certainly improve your English by spending time with your Host family as they will encourage you to speak English and it’s a great opportunity not only to learn English but to speak it as well.

Talking of the English Summer school, you will find that our teachers are all experienced; well qualified and enthusiastic.  They have been DBS checked and references taken up.  Many offer private tuition on top of our Summer School Courses or you can attend our Fast Track English Courses or Exam Preparation Course.

In addition to our stimulating and interesting English lessons, you will be taken to many places of interest such as Brighton; Portsmouth and of course London! Activities and Excursions take place every afternoon and twice a week you can expect a full day trip.  We often visit Central London to see places such as Houses of Parliament; Buckingham Palace; Piccadilly to name just a few.

Our International summer school incorporate Homestay English and it is a super way to learn and improve your English in everyday fun environment.  This way of learning english in a homestay as part of a family is a fun and exciting experience for the student. Brighton in the summer is the best time to visit and enjoy what this seaside town has to offer. If you interested in arts and culture, Brighton summer arts can be a welcome sight for students. Our Brighton international summer school offers multitude of options for an International student. Contact us today to learn about summer courses Brighton.

English Immersion Homestay is also a popular English learning programme.  You don’t attend daily lessons but live with your English host family in full board accommodation but still have afternoon activities and excursions throughout the south coast and London.   They will take and show you many local places of interest and by living with your English host family all of the time, you will improve your English very quickly.   Some of these host families offer an Immersion stay with lessons which is great if you are looking to take an English examination soon or want some fast track learning programme.

Our Activity Leaders will take you out in the afternoon to participate in the excursions and activities.  These activity leaders are chosen to be fun and play an active part in your summer school programme.  Many of them will speak with you during the afternoon so you will see how your English can improve.  Its just another opportunity to learn away form the classroom. If you are a real serious English learner and want to study or prepare for an English Examination as well as have fun during the Summer, then this International Summer School Course will be just for you.  Whatever Language Homestay Course you choose, you will be sure to have a great time in England in the summer for  2018 and English Language Homestays offer the best Homestay English Courses around.

Contact us to learn more about our International Summer school. If you are interested in a 1:1 personalised Fast Track English Course, in Business English with full immersion Homestay, please contact us for a friendly chat.

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