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Have you thought of English home teaching?

Do you ever consider a career in Teaching? Are you retired; semi-retired; working around a young family or just looking for a change of pace? If you enjoy meeting new people and entertaining someone from abroad as well as helping someone achieve their goal to improve their English, then may be your current situation is suitable for working from home for a while teaching English to foreign students of various ages and from many different countries.

What ever your personal circumstances the best way to move forward is to offer private English home teaching programmes. If you are a sociable and friendly person, have at least one spare bedroom and a recognised English Teaching qualification, then you can certainly offer the best immersion English course for students who are looking for a fantastic home tutor to help improve their English as well as learn more about this country.

How can I get started?

A Homestay English company like ours will always prefer someone with a degree, most of our teachers have experience in teaching one way or the other. If you don’t have a degree in English, a minimum of some type of EFL qualification is essential. There are many different types and we welcome all of these but if you don’t have one then consider our TEFL Course which is run over a weekend 3 times a year. If you like to know more about our TEFL and teachers training, please contact us here. If you already have a TEFL, or a TESOL or even a CELTA certificate, then you can apply for English home teaching with us, but please make sure to describe your qualifications and experience in detail.

What kind of student can I expect?

When you apply to become an English Home tutor you should comprehensively explain your qualifications as well as the type of accommodation you can offer to students, as well as your experience, interests, family situation. The information you provide will help us to find a most suitable and compatible student who can get the best out of-of what you have to offer. You will always have the opportunity to pick and chose the certain aspects of the student who will be coming to your home.. For example you may prefer younger students to fit in with your current family. Maybe you are an older couple and feel an adult would suit you better or maybe a retired lady teacher who thinks she can only welcome a female student. We take all of these requests into account when placing students with you. We want you to be as hapy with them as they will be with you, so we aim to get it right!

What kind of Accommodation do I have to offer?

If you have a single or double private room that is the main criteria but f you have attached or a spare bathroom to offer, it is definite plus. Having a private bathroom is often requested by the student, but not mandatory. So if students ask for a private bathroom and you can offer one, then be sure you will be paid an enhanced supplement for this.. We make sure all our students receive the best care while they are with us, so we expect comfortable, clean and professional teaching and accommodation, for every student. We also expect a healthy, well balanced diet with a variety of meals during their stay. Remember these students are our guests and should be treated as such

How to conduct my lessons?

We offer a framework for tutors to follow, including some straight guidelines to achieve a fast result. Our Academic Manager is available for you to speak with should you have any worries or concerns about the course your student wishes to follow. Mostly lessons are conducted in the morning when the student’s mind is fresh. You should have an ideal room for the student to focus on his/her learning experience. Giving a lesson in the kitchen whilst making the evening meal is not to be recommended.

Most lessons are one-to-one English tuition so you must make sure student’s environment is conducive for learning. There shouldn’t be distractions from other family member or television or any other media. The moment your student arrives at your home the opportunity for ongoing evaluation; assessment and ongoing improvement starts . This is through teaching the student as well as everyday things they experience during their stay such as listening to the News; taking a walk or just saying good morning. Most students have designated hours determined by us to achieve a certain result, it can be flexible according to the needs of the student and we can certainly discuss that with the student if she/he needs it before and during their stay

What happens after each lesson time?

English home teaching is for the student to have a first-hand experience in immersing themselves in the English Language continually. They learn English even though their formal lessons with you have finished by means of casual and informal conversation; listening to TV and Radio; reading English books and finishing tasks and projects you may have set them. We as them to complete either an On Line Blog or Daily Journal to help them achieve this goal.

We offer various 1:1 Language Homestay courses for International students, depending on what each student requires. Some will have some activities along with their course, most adult English students often like to spend and explore their free time by themselves, young people in the age of 11-17 elect to have the programme with extra activities.

What if the student and I do not get along?

We go to great lengths to make sure you and the student are compatible and take this information from your application form as well as our host teacher home visit, which is when we come to meet you and discuss further the way we work. Additionally the students information on their application form helps us place the correct teacher with the correct student. All of this means we will find the perfect student for you. If on a rare occasion a student asks to be moved or the teacher requests a move, we will take necessary action to remedy that. These instances are very rare but we are always here, should you need us. Please check out our terms and conditions.

How do I get paid?

When we confirm a booking you will be given details of your payment. We ask you to complete the daily log of the lessons and activities or exceptions and then send this immediately to us. Once we receive this, the payment will be made to your bank account directly. For tax purposes, you are self-employed and you are responsible for declaration of any earnings to HMRC.

If you like to become a tutor with us, please take a look our Become an English Tutor with Us, or contact us today!

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