Teaching Assistant in local Junior Schools

Teaching Assistant in local Junior Schools

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During your internship in Masiphumelele you will be given the choice of helping in the school in either the English, Maths, Science or Sports Department. There is also the chance to help with IT / Computer Skills or work in the Library. All the classes are large & lively so be prepared for a hectic day. Many of our English or Maths classes are led by English, American or Australian teachers.  Many University students or Trainer Teachers appreciate the opportunity to come and work here.  The days are noisy and fun but with limited equipment you will be expected to improvise on many occasions.  You can usually choose where you would like to assist.  From being in the Library to running a Football Club to assisting in the English classes ( remember many of these pupils will NOT speak English as a first language)  It is essential you appreciate that many of these young students will come from deprived and less privileged homes so you will need tact and diplomacy and a fair amount of understanding.

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