Shark Warrior

Shark Warrior

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Shark Warrior Adventures, operating from our beach-front Shark Warrior Adventure Centre, offers water sport activities, marine courses and dive expeditions. They positively impact on global ocean and wildlife conservation through a growing network of responsible travellers.  You days will be varied.  One day you will be walking the Beach collecting rubbish so that the baby Penguins are not endangered.  Another day you could be in a local school, educating the pupils on Conservation and Preservation.  Sometimes the schools will visit the Beaches and you will take a group into the water to look at the Sea Kelp and harvest this.  A lot of it will be educating local people, so you will need to have good English; good swimming skills and if you can use a Kayak even better.  Most of all it will be ensuring the safety and welfare of local Marine life around Simons Town.This is an ideal placement for any Marine Biology students; trainee English teachers or those involved in Conservation.

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