Sewing Café

Sewing Café

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The Sewing Café found its home in a wonderful space in Masiphumelele, a few minutes outside Fish Hoek, Cape Town.  Their main focus is skills training which is supported by their garment producing factory/CMT. They also teach pattern Making and Cutting so it’s a fully fledged Training Workshop for anyone who wishes to join them.  The skills training centre operates free of charge to unemployed and unskilled members of the local community with the aim to equip students with the skills necessary to join the job market or start a small business.
They also operate a local shop which prides itself on delivering quality professional products, while offering local business the opportunity to invest in our community. The local schools arrange for their uniforms to be made here, so it’s a real community feel. Students have the possibility of work while learning a skill. They offer a range of services from pattern making to designing to completing orders and everything in between.

The Sewing Café works in close association with Wendy Ryan’s Life Skills Programme, Masi Corporation and Trust and CLOTEX.  This means that they also teach their students simple Book Keeping – Order preparing and working with a computer.  Basic skills that are important for them to continue in the workplace.  Some of the students enjoy sewing but don’t know how to use a sewing machine or operate a computer.  Even if you don’t like sewing but like the idea of training people on the computer with Excel; Word or Power Point, then this is the course for you.

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