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We often help out at the many Nursery and Creches run in Masi, again in co-operation with the Masi Foundation.  Although its great to have NURSERY EXPERIENCE OR A  QUALIFICATION, if you have a natural empathy with young children and are happy to play and teach them, then this could be for you. Many parents have to work long hours and the Creche or Nursery is often the second home of these young children. Parents can leave them as early as 7am and not collect them until late that night. You can help with dressing them; giving them meals and settling them down for an afternoon nap.  Between those times you can play with them inside the Nursery or outside in the garden.  Their toys are limited so lots of improvisation is a must! Male and females applicants are welcome on this course.  Boys in the Townships are often starved of good male company and so we welcome people to play with young male Toddlers. So even if you don’t hold a recognised qualification, if you can play games and cook simple meals then please come and help.

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