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Maths Lab

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The Lab was designed for modelling a student-discovery approach to Maths instruction for Ukhanyo teachers. Each morning four sections of grade 4 learners spend 45-50 minutes in the Lab with their teacher, Scott or Laurie, and the new Lab assistant, who could be YOU!  Our goal is to demonstrate that efficiency of learning, knowledge retention, and even student behaviour improve directly as classroom instruction shifts from a teacher-centric to a student-centric model.  Many of these students do not have the correct skills to enable them to progress and get a good job or even to enter College.  The teachers in the Maths Lab are committed to ensuring that every student gets a good basis of Mathematics and they do this with many innovative methods which they bring with them from countries such as USA; Australia and UK.   A lot of the maths performed will be with simple tasks and basis is on showing rather than telling.  For anyone who has a real passion for Maths and is studying this at a higher level, this could be the place for you.  Most of the pupils will be aged between 8 years and 12 years.

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