Helping on the Allotments ; General Handywork/DIY

Helping on the Allotments ; General Handywork/DIY

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If your skills are more of a practical nature then have you considered work in the Painting and Decorating field or helping with the Vegetable Garden & Allotments? . There is always a huge selection to choose from. The local areas are often in need of basic repairs and if you can repair a fence or paint a wall then this will be the course for you.  Local residents are very proud and really appreciate any help they can be offered.  We also run schemes harvesting & preparing Vegetable Gardens in Khayelitsha for local residents. Maybe you are a Horticultural student and this would be a great way to teach local residents how to grow and harvest their own food.  In times when money is short, local grown vegetables in allotments and back gardens are a great way to spread the cost and you will find many willing helpers when you first start to prepare the allotments.

Otherwise a willing pair of hands for painting; carpentry or repairing houses is never far away.  Local Townships are often receiving donations of paint; wallpaper or wood and you can put this to good use throughout the community.   So if you are interested in any form of DIY and are aged from 18 to 118, then think about this kind of Volunteering Course.

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