Changing lives of Simon’s Town Youth via Football

Changing lives of Simon’s Town Youth via Football

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Hello everyone! 

Firstly, thank you for taking your time to read this, we know how precious your time is and we appreciate your efforts in helping us.

English Language Homestays, a language school based in Shoreham-by-Sea, on the south of England, with over 25 years of experience in hosting international students, also have a language centre in Cape Town, South Africa. ELH send European students to integrate into the local high schools where students from Europe have the chance to improve their English as well as improve their social skills whilst living within the South African culture.

In the past months, ELH South African’s centre manager Marike, has been successfully helping and supporting students of the Simon’s Town High School through local fundraising events to help raise money for the school funds, of which they are in desperate need of. 

About the children of the Simon’s Town High School.

These children are from working class homes around the Naval Town of Simons Town. A lot of their parents will work in the Dockyard there or be in the South African Navy.   This means their parents are mostly able to provide the dinner on the table every day and they consider themselves very fortunate because they have access to clean drinking water even if it is via a standpipe outside their home.  These families are often able to go through the month without worrying about hot meals and drinking water and their children go to school, but that is about it!  The school helps with any after-school classes to keep the kids supervised until parents finish work. School also dedicates time and raises funds towards the uniform, school meals, books, workbooks and all the school essentials. This is because in South Africa you have to pay to go to school, and so money is really important to enable them to continue to learn.

The school has a wonderful Head Teacher, Mrs Jean Human, who always puts herself out there to make sure that students have all the essentials to be able to study and educate. She also runs many after-school activities and events to enable students to expand their knowledge on the subjects they study as well as develop their personalities, improve social skills and give strength and hope to dream and work towards the better future. She tirelessly fund raises to enable her students to travel abroad to Debate in Sweden; Play in a German Orchestra or have a school exchange with Chinese students.  All empowering…

Who are we? & What is our aim?

We are the ELH Brighton centre office team of 9 individuals who are willing to do everything in their power to raise money for the flights and cover the costs of the accommodation and football academy programme for two children from Simon’s Town High School. 

Simon’s Town High School is based in Cape Town (South Africa). Children attending the school are often from working class families, however their working class differs from our western culture massively like mentioned above. They have very little opportunities of travel, education abroad and through football training (which is something they have love and passion for) we would like to help and give them 2week stay on our Football Academy programme which will take place in the time of South African Winter period – European Summer (July). 

What is included?

English Language Homestays will cover two weeks full board accommodation, football coaching and visits to stadiums within the programme such Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, AMEX.  Where we need you help is in raising funds for their airfare.  As you can imagine this is expensive from South Africa to the UK and so we are asking for people to donate as much as they can.  Everything else ELH will cover!

We really love the idea of helping these students through something that they love doing, something that they have inspirations from – like football! Even though they already speak English – let’s remember English is the 2nd or 3rd language that they learn, so offering them English & Football programme would be beneficial and will encourage even further progress.  Better still, we often get football Scouts coming from Premier Football Teams and it could be that one of these students will be offered a Cadetship to a Football Club here in the UK!

PLEASE if you are in the position that’s allowing you to help these two students to attend the Football Academy with English – no matter how small or big – EVERY donation will be hugely appreciated. We are going to keep on adding Weekly updates so you can see how far we got.

Thank you very much.

Changing lives

Please take a look at 

Our GoFundMe Page

If you are in the position that’s allowing you to help these two students to attend the Football Academy with English in the UK– no matter how small or big – EVERY donation will be hugely appreciated. We are going to keep on adding Weekly updates so you can see how far we got.

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