Diary of an Italian activity leader and a English homestay student -Andrea Ferraris

I’m a member of staff at English Language homestays who in this text will be known as ELH. I will write a brief  explanation about this school and  try to explain in a few words the spirit of this school and its peculiarities:

ELH is a college situated in town near Brighton ,a well-known city on the south coast of the United Kingdom. I went there for the first time 4 years ago with an Italian Agency and, to tell the truth, I was a little worried because it was my first time away from home without my parents.  However, once there I fell in love with the place and the weather and happily stayed for 2 weeks  (which was back in 2014).I really wanted to stay and extra week but unfortunatly returned home after two.


Before returning home I decided to stay in contact with the school and booked directly with them for the following year. Just as the previous year my stay was for two weeks and I had an amazing time and decided to return again the following year for the third time.

About the Summer school , nothing to add apart from as usual it was a really great experience because of the devotion to the school  and friendship made  with Jackie and Dec (the owners) Last year they visited my home in Liguria and offered me the chance to work during the summer with them at the school on work experience.

With regard to accommodation and students’ stay in families, all families are rigorously checked, referenced and have worked for many years with the school. I have met  various host families, and, for this, I can confirm  that every family is strictly chosen to offer students the best possible stay. All the  families who have hosted me during these years have been very kind and helpful. The concern of all of us Italians is definitely the food. As an Italian who enjoys food I cant gaurantee that the food will be the same as in Italy but there are some good Italian restaurants Brighton and in the UK and English food is OK. Returning to ELH, every week there are two full day excursions visiting places attractions and museums.

Some examples of excursions are London- The London Eye ,Markets, trips on the River Thames, Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Other places of interest that are visited are Portsmouth and Arundel. For the remaining 4 days of the week in the morning from 9 to 1 there are English Lessons. The students are divided by levels of ability and no more than 14 to a class. During my 4 years of attending classes I changed teachers but all were very good.

During the afternoons there are activities in and around Brighton such as Laser Zone ,golf, cycling and many other activities. Apart from afternoon activities there is free time for shopping. One evening a week usually on a Thursday students are taken to the student disco in nearby Worthing.

Diary of an Italian activity leader and a English homestay student Andrea Ferraris
Written by :
Andrea Ferraris

This year as mentioned before I returned to EHL but ‘on the other side’ as a helper. Helping an hour a day in the office organising transport and encouraging the students to assemble on time for the afternoon activities and accompanying the activity leaders for activities such as Brighton Treasure hunt. On this point I would like to mention the transport. Included in the price of the course is a weekly bus pass. This enables students to use the Stagecoach bus route along the coast between Brighton and Worthing via Shoreham.


Finally  I would like to point out the objectives of the school and I can reiterate  having attended school as a teen student and this year as an assistant student leader: The most important thing is ” security. ” As a school we want you to have a safe stay!

The second concerns the organisation and the ability to keep you entertained 24/7. I hope I wasn’t too talkative … well what else can I say except for  ‘see you next year ‘ and in the meantime please visit the school website and contact the Office via email to get a customised  quote for your Summer school stay.

Best wishes Andrea Ferraris

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