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What is an ESL? (English as a Second Language)

If you’re thinking about learning or teaching English then this Question and Answer guide should help you get started. English is an international language making learning English quite popular. This guide will also assist speakers of other languages choose a programme that’s right for them. Let’s get started… 1. What is an ESL (English as […]

Why Should You Study English?-Living learning English
Why Should You Study English?

Human beings regarded as the highest life form coined the phrase ‘forms of communication.’ This has defined how we understand each other and why we have been able to do such profound things. Across the globe there are many languages and by extension dialects that help in creating such unique ways of living. But the language that is most spoken is the English Language. This post is for those that may need some help in making a final decision to study the language. You will get an answer to the question: Why should you study English?

Homestay one to one tuition for Japanese students
Homestay one to one tuition for Japanese students

Nowadays, students all over the world are highly interested in overseas educational opportunities. But at the same time, students can find overwhelming the idea of being on their own in a foreign country without their parents, that is the very reason why the Homestay family program is so attractive. What does a homestay program entail? […]

Myths about Learning English
Myths about Learning English

Here are some Myths about Learning EnglishOvertime people have created reasons and stories around English Language and why it is extremely difficult or simply not able to be learnt by many. This post is aimed at mentioning some of these misunderstandings, the ‘myths about Learning English’ and why these must be dismissed.

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