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Learning English in a High School in England

The course is divided into two sections. One longer programme which is called an Academic Year Programme and you would arrive at your school in September and leave around mid July. You would be expected to take part fully in all school programmes and exams and therefore would be working towards an internal recognised exam you could take in July

What To Expect When Traveling To South Africa
Studying Abroad: What To Expect When Traveling To South Africa

If you’re looking for a study abroad program why not try one that is offered in South Africa. This Southern African country is home to some of the best study abroad programs and is fast becoming a top contender in global education. When it comes to unique student abroad experiences this country certainly has many. Just ask any one of the international students who find it difficult to leave. So what exactly can you expect from travelling to this rainbow nation.

How to become a foreign exchange student in South Africa

To be a High School Foreign Exchange student in South Africa has become very popular and now many students are signing up on our student exchange programme. These students come from all corners of the Globe. Many from countries in Europe such as France; Italy; Belgium; Germany and Spain but do you know we also have international exchange students visiting us from Brazil; Japan; Korea; Canada and America. All want to become or take part in our High School Exchange Programme.

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