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Christmas traditions in the UK
Christmas traditions in the UK

The holiday season is very close. We all know it as the time to be with family, a time of gifts, feasts and celebrations. That’s Christmas in most of the world; but each country has their own Christmas traditions. Through this article, we will try to transport you to the typical Christmas in England, so that you know their curiosities and how their people live it.

wish a Merry Christmas
How to wish a Merry Christmas to anyone from anywhere in the world

The time has come to take out your Christmas sweaters (or jumpers as they say in the United Kingdom), leave your socks hanging from the fireplace and get fully into the festive mode by singing Christmas carols throughout the day. In order to prepare for the holiday season of the year, and be ready to celebrate with your friends and family around the world, why not learn to say Merry Christmas in several languages?

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