High School in the United Kingdom
High School in the United Kingdom

Your High School in England you will be looked after by the UK Education Authorities so you know that they will follow an agreed and recognised curriculum. All of these UK High Schools are very well versed in how to welcome International Students from abroad and make them feel safe and secure.

Summer Sports Camp UK
Summer Sports Camp UK

Football academy and Summer Sports Camp UK are within the framework of the English Programme, and there will be a mixture of English lessons; sports and cultural activities. You will be staying with other International students in a carefully selected host family, known to the Academy. Its a great way to make new friends; learn new skills and just have a fun time.

Summer School for Teenagers
Summer School for Teenagers

The best way to learn a language is by being immersed in the country and no one does this better than England. Did you know that tens of thousands of people come to England, alone, just to learn English and improve quickly. In fact it is a known statistic that to learn any language you should live in the country and adjust not only to the different accents but also the sentence pattern and pronunciation.

PON National Operational Program
PON National Operational Program

The POM Programme operates in four regions of Italy, namely Puglia; Campania; Calabria and the Island of Sicily and is a very favourite programme, popular with teachers; parents and students alike for its fast results and improvement in learning the English language. Some of this is funded through European Funds which are aimed at improving the economic and social problems in the areas and schools there.

Summer school in england

One Week £475

£925 for 2 weeks and £1,375 for 3 weeks
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Summer school 2018 in England one Week £475 
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