How well do you know English sayings and Idioms?
How well do you know English sayings and Idioms?

The English like to speak nicely and have a good reputation throughout the World for doing so.  Indeed, well spoken English is like “nothing on earth!”  However, we also like to speak in a relaxed and informal way and sometimes even use Cockney Rhyming Slang.  For instance, do you know what “apples and pears” mean?”  […]

What is an ESL
What is an ESL? (English as a Second Language)

If you’re thinking about learning or teaching English then this Question and Answer guide should help you get started. English is an international language making learning English quite popular. This guide will also assist speakers of other languages choose a programme that’s right for them. Let’s get started… 1. What is an ESL (English as […]

Popular English Idioms

When you’re learning the English language and are spending more time with native English speakers hearing these idioms and phrases will become quite common. Don’t be alarmed by them, even though some may sound odd, abnormal and even scary. Instead you can find out what they mean in this list of popular idioms, and even […]