Why I love being a foreign student in Brighton?

Being a foreign student in Brighton and Living in Brighton is a true challenge for everyone – in a very positive way! especially Homestay in Brighton. For me, it has been a home away from home, mainly because of two things: polish restaurants and sea. Back home I used to live near to the sea and I don’t think I’d ever get bored of the sound of waves and (noise of) seagulls! Although Brighton seagulls -and I don’t mean the football club here- are very social and don’t mind enjoying your meal with you. It truly does not make any difference to them whether it is a posh restaurant, coffee shop or a bench with the sea view.  So remember if you’re planning a meal in the open air make sure you buy two portions!

Another exciting thing about being a foreign student in Brighton is that you get your student discount in most places you go to! Whether you go to buy clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics or do your grocery shopping you can get between 10-25% discounts! So make sure you don’t forget your Student card whenever you go treasure hunting in the North Lanes or Churchill Square shopping centre.

Brighton, with over 400 restaurants, can definitely offer you a different dish every day throughout the entire (academic) year! Oh, us students don’t even have time to think about cooking, unless cooking includes ordering a takeaway…? I mean it is cooking, just with someone else’s hands right? We certainly do think about food (Student’s life huh?) The beautiful thing is, that you have indeed a great choice of many places and dishes to satisfy everyone- from sushi to pierogi lovers.

I also love Brighton and Hove for the wonderful festive feeling. Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, Easter, New Year and many more holidays which not only will give you another week off studying (!) but also make sure you enjoy it in full. Creative decorations and colourful events will keep you occupied and impressed by the innovative ideas and funky costumes.

As a student, you do three things only: sleep, study and have fun – not necessarily in this order…  Let’s focus on the fun part for now. We could divide it into two sections: day and night time. Daytime attractions here in Brighton are constantly changing-  the ice rink to the Ladyboys cabaret shows, but some of course stay the same like the Brighton Pier (thank God!). The pier is my favourite part of the city (and the Royal Pavilion for its architecture). With plenty of funfair rides, a few food and drink spots, henna tattoo, handmade jewellery store and of course the casino for both children and adults – Brighton Pier makes the perfect place for a day out with friends or family.

Aleks Ptasinska Staff for English Language Homestays
Written by :
Aleks Ptasinska, Summer School Co-Ordinator

Nightlife in Brighton is something you need to experience yourself; it is indeed something completely different to other cities I’ve been to. The variety of nightclubs and events filled with the music of biggest world’s DJs and bands, colourful costumes and the after-parties that will turn each weekend into an unforgettable memory.

Living in Brighton as a student is a wonderful experience, you never know what the day (or night) will bring. It truly is a multicultural city with people of all age, who love their city for its positive vibes.  In the world where word foreign brings extreme reactions you want to stay in Brighton- here almost everyone is foreign and certainly everyone is happy. My time with English Language Homestays have been great, I get to meet lots of International students in their Lanugae homestay courses,  I coordinate all summer school activities. If you are interested in Homestay English in the UK on a Fast Track English course, then look no further.

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