Attend an English Summer School in England on a Homestay

English Summer School in England on a Homestay - English for young learners

International students travel to England all the time to develop their English language skills. These students come from different backgrounds and speak different languages but they’re focused on – and spurred on by – their goal to learn English.

The best way to do this is to find a summer school programme that’s right for you.

Why Should You Learn English on a Summer School Programme?

Travelling to a foreign country can be an exciting, exhilarating and even daunting experience. But when planned and coordinated correctly it can be the best way to improve your English.

An English summer school allows you to make the most of the best time of the year – in England the summers aren’t too warm, but the perfect temperature – while meeting other young people. Because of the lovely temperatures you get to enjoy the excursions you’ll go on, while attending your English language courses.

Really it has all the elements of a great holiday and learning experience combined. You get to learn English and improve your language skills while meeting other youngsters and enjoying the lovely weather.

International Summer School - English for young learners

What Can You Expect From Our Language Summer School?

Learning English:

There’ll be loads of time to learn the language. We’ve created our Summer programme so that attendees (you and your peers) can learn English even when you’re not in the classroom. Really, all our activities are centred around learning although you won’t even notice it because they’re fun and engaging. Each week you will have 16 hours of lessons, learning the language – with the main focus being on reading, speaking, writing and listening.

However, when you go on the day trips or participate in exciting activities you’ll get the chance to practice your English skills that you have learnt in the classroom. After all, you’re in England.

Loads of Fun:

If the thought of “school” in the international summer school scares you – don’t let it. It’s really a lot of fun as all the other students who’ve attended before will say. The activity schedule for 2019 is full of entertaining destinations and shows you what to expect this year.

This year, we plan on taking students to London at least once if not twice a week. This iconic city is the perfect place for all sorts of fun activities like visiting the Zoorassic park or the houses of parliament.

The Best Local Accommodation:

Homestay accommodation is by far the best accommodation for young students. This sort of accommodation pairs a student with a host family that has been carefully selected by our management team. You’ll be living with an English family throughout your stay. There’ll whip up your packed lunch, indulge in English conversation when you’re at “home” and make you feel welcome.

They’re the friendliest people and certainly most accommodating. From the home of the host family it will usually be a short walk to the school or the bus stop where you will catch a bus to the school.

It’s the perfect opportunity to grow and become independent under the watchful eye of our dedicated team.

Summer school London

Immersing Into British Culture:

There’s really no better place to learn than in England. You’ll be surrounded by British culture, people and of course – English. When you’re here you’ll get to visit cultural monuments and local “hang outs” this way you’re getting the best of both worlds. Taking the train to London each week you get to see how locals travel, travelling via bus to class is another way to get a feel of local transportation.

The food your host family will prepare is another opportunity to get a taste (literally) of what England is like. As you’ll get to eat what British people usually eat throughout the week.

Then, of course you’ll get to visit not one but four different cities within England. That way you get a real feel of what this magnificent country is like.

When you return home you’ll have first hand experience of what England is like and you’ll get to share that experience with your family members.

Being in one of The World’s Best Cities:

Brighton is a lovely city. It’s vibrant, welcoming, along the shore and full of activities. Most English tourists love to visit this local gem. The great news for you is that this is where our main language centre is located.

Get the British and Brighton experience. Brighton has been voted as one of the friendliest cities in England. Not only that but it’s trendy, fashionable and the best place from which to explore England.

Nothing is better than visiting the Brighton Palace Pier or getting the best views of the city from the British Airways i360.

If you’re interested in joining us this year please contact us. We’d love to talk you through the process, get to know you and have you join us this year.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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