Accommodating Foreign Students

Hosting Foreign Students within your family home is a very rewarding experience, it’s like a second job that you don’t have to do anything for, a walk in the park.  If you can simply provide a spare room or two (if you are lucky enough to have a large house) that can take up to four students at a time (minimum of two) ideally in single beds but girls that are best friends don’t mind being a bit cosy for a few nights in a double bed.

It’s more than renting a room, it’s about meeting new people, feeling appreciated and getting paid for doing something that you really enjoy.

Sacha Stone Short stay staff for English Language Homestays
Written by :
Sacha Stone, Short Stay Manager

We ask you kindly to transport our students daily from the local meeting point to ensure their safety at all times and then you are free to enjoy your day. Foreign Students go off to learn fast track English or take in a few of the sights within the sunny Sussex coast.  From as early as January we are placing students within local host families for a short stay.  Short stays can be from 2 nights up to 6 nights at a time and require either Half Board or Full Board.  What is the difference between the boards I hear you say:-

Half Board A lovely variety of breakfast cereals, toast, spreads and a juice or hot drink.  They may be brave enough to try the famous Marmite!!

Dinner can be nice and simple like a good old traditional Bangers and Mash with Baked Beans or Fish and Chips, the more adventurous families get the students involved in creating their own homemade Pizza.  My puddings range from Ice cream to Pancakes with Nutella, whilst I’m always saying that I will be good, that smell is just too good to resist.

Full Board Is all of the above but with a Packed Lunch to include 2 rounds of sandwiches, bottled water, fruit, yoghurt tube, crisps, chocolate or cake bar.  Only the brave enjoy our packed lunch option.  We are famous for our variety of spreads which has probably put them off but here at ELH we feel that Ham and Cheese with Salad and Mayo is much more filling and edible!

The minute a Foreign Student enters your home, they will ask for the WIFI code (even the shy ones know this phrase) how did we ever survive without the internet. Students will have a love/hate relationship with your pets, they just don’t get why the British are so crazy on their pets and the reasons why we dress our pets is surely a mystery to them.  I always have a joke upon departure with the heavy suitcase in hand as to whether they have packed my dogs!  Best friends can have come in all shapes and sizes and even fluffy at times.

Time flies when you are having fun, so if a short stay is not long enough, you can sign up for Summer School too.  Summer School Students stay from a week up until 3 weeks at a time.  Summer is in the title but the British weather does have a lot to answer to, BBQ’s are quite different under a gazebo listening to the heavy rain in July, strangely relaxing at times.

Tax Free payments for up to £6000.00 a year!  Who would say no to that.  Guaranteed/hassle free payments on departure day.  Even if you did have to struggle for a bit of conversation, our good rates of pay will leave you hungry for more.

A few of our local families have friends that host too and so they share they car share to help each other out at times.  A really good idea if there are any mornings or evenings that you have less time on your hands but still want to provide that commitment to your new extended family.

A little bit about us, we are a small English Language School with a friendly office based in Shoreham by Sea.  Students choose to travel with us as we offer fun and interactive English lessons whilst providing  UK Homestay with a local family.  Not only do we teach Foreign Students English but we also offer Private English Lessons for adults.

Through working with ELH and hosting students over the years, I have personally met some very lovely students and still visit them in their own Countries now.  Friendships like this are special in their own unique ways and last a lifetime.

If you are interested in hosting or looking to let International Students into your life and homestyle then please get in contact with us or keep an eye out for our ads in the local paper or bus stops.

If you like to to learn about our fast track English course for adults, please check out our Learn English in a Homestay website.

This blog is originally published on our Learn English in a Homestay website. read more at Accommodating Foreign Students


  • Sue Young
    / Reply


    I am a TEFL Teacher and live in Southern France, I host and teach French students during the school holidays. Do you get requests from students who wish to travel abroad, to Southern France for example?. I’m making this enquiry, as my youngest daughter will be leaving for Uni. soon and I have another spare room and would like to have more students.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



    • ambrossini
      / Reply

      Hello Sue

      Thank you for your interest.

      Please call us on +44 1273 462772 or fill our contact us form, and someone will get in touch with you soon.

      thank you

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