History Of Christmas Crackers
History Of Christmas Crackers

If you are lucky enough to be enjoying a traditional Christmas dinner this year then you will certainly be expecting to pull a cracker, a Christmas Cracker that is. These colourful accessories on the family table are enjoyed by everyone and no Christmas will ever be the same without one. A beautiful metallic wrapped cardboard tube that compliments this traditional meal, but why do we pull one, where have they come from and what’s the meaning behind this?

understanding british humour
How to understand British Humour

British Humour is unique and can seem baffling at first. The key is not to take yourself too seriously. Understanding British humour is not to take yourself too seriously, make light of your failures and flaws, clumsiness and embarrassing moments.  The British are good at teasing and taking the piss, out of themselves and others.…

Living Immersion English - Lunch & Tea Table
What is British Teatime?

A traditional afternoon tea is quintessentially English. It is a meal that is served after 2.00pm (before this would be lunch) and no later than 8.00pm (after this would be dinner).  History of Afternoon Tea The tradition goes back to the early nineteenth century, when Anna,  7th Duchess of Bedford complained about ‘being hungry’ during…

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