Why Should You Study English?-Living learning Wnglish
Why Should You Study English?

Human beings regarded as the highest life form coined the phrase ‘forms of communication.’ This has defined how we understand each other and why we have been able to do such profound things. Across the globe there are many languages and by extension dialects that help in creating such unique ways of living. But the language that is most spoken is the English Language. This post is for those that may need some help in making a final decision to study the language. You will get an answer to the question: Why should you study English?

football academy with English
What is a football academy with English?

Football academy with English, is a wonderful programme If your child is passionate about football, and you would like him or her to learn a new language. We at English Language Homestays have a programme that has a duration of seven to fourteen days of English tuition and an intense football training.

Host families wanted in Henfield
Host families wanted in Henfield

Being an English Language Homestays Host Family is a fun, interesting and rewarding experience that generates an extra income for you. Host Family accommodation is a great opportunity for you to share and explore British culture.   We just started a new centre in Henfield and we require Host families straightaway, please contact us on […]

English Language Centre Brighton
English Language Centre Brighton

The English Language Centre Brighton is the home to 3 homestay language courses, namely: Summer School, Homestay Tuition and Group Short Stay. These special offers being hosted in Brighton is by no means a coincidence. It is one of the best places to facilitate a learning environment because of its coastal location as well as the overall package that comes with visiting.

10 Unmissable UK Day Trips
10 Unmissable UK Day Trips

If you plan your stay somewhere in the UK, you will have a unique opportunity to plan various day excursions and visit dozens of exciting places. There are numerous wonderful things to see and do in the UK, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 unmissable UK day trips.

Become a host family in Brighton
How to become a host family in Brighton

When you become a host family in Brighton will open the door for you and your family to new cultures, experiences, and to new lasting friendships. And that very important fact is what it will give you the opportunity of earning an always much needed extra income that any family in this world always needs.

Summer school 2018 in England one Week £475 
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